Victorian Regional Intelligence report

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The Regional Intelligence report for Victoria found Inland Rail can sustain another 940 full-time jobs by the rail line’s 10th year of operation for areas alongside the rail line between Melbourne and the New South Wales border.

Altogether, Inland Rail is capable of a $4.6 billion boost to gross regional product for the 49 local government areas covered in this research over a 50-year period. Those outcomes build on the jobs and economic uplift from construction and operation outlined in the 2015 business case for Inland Rail.

Monday 06 July 2020

This study provides detail on regional opportunities across 49 local government areas in Victoria. 

Download the report for:

  • A profile of the region, including its population, economic contribution, sources of freight and sectors experiencing growth since 2015
  • Information about the kinds of economic uplift expected with Inland Rail, including supply chain efficiencies and value chain growth, and the development of industry hubs
  • Pointers to current investments in the region as well as local and international case studies
  • The enduring benefits to regions in terms of jobs and gross regional product in the 10th, 30th and 50th year of Inland Rail’s operation
  • Specific investment opportunities that emerged from the research

A technical report provides a detailed summary of the research approach, methodology and supporting analysis.

Read our summary of the opportunities for Victoria and learn more about the broader long-term economic opportunities with Inland Rail.