Southern New South Wales Regional Intelligence report

The title of the report, with the date 19 February 2020, with an overhead drone photograph of a freight vessel docked at a port

This economic study found Inland Rail can support a further 670 full-time jobs by the 10th year of its operation and a total $3.8 billion boost to gross regional product over its first 50 years for areas between Narromine and the Victorian border.

It’s a boost that builds on the construction jobs and uplift identified in Inland Rail’s 2015 business case.

Monday 06 July 2020

This study explores regional opportunities with Inland Rail for 26 local government areas in Southern New South Wales, explaining:

  • The area’s population, economic contribution, freight sources and growing industry sectors
  • Two kinds of economic uplift from supply chain efficiencies and value chain growth, and the likelihood of industry hubs forming along the line
  • A sense of current investments in the region as well as local and international case studies
  • The lasting jobs and gross regional product 10, 30 and 50 years from the start of operation
  • Specific potential investments

A technical report is also available detailing the research approach, methodology and analysis.

Read our summary of the opportunities for Southern New South Wales and learn more about the broader long-term economic opportunities with Inland Rail.