Inland Rail Regional Opportunities by EY Australia

Inland Rail Regional Opportunities report cover

Regional Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria will see a boost of up to $13.3 billion in gross regional product off the back of Inland Rail.

A study by Ernst and Young Australia shows the possibilities for investment along the rail line can generate billions in added value for communities over the first 50 years of operation — building on the $16 billion in gross domestic product outlined in the Inland Rail Business Case.

Monday 16 March 2020

This study goes beyond the 2015 business case to explore:

  • the long-term potential for growth in investment, employment and economic value
  • 2 kinds of economic uplift including supply chain efficiencies and value chain growth
  • specific opportunities to invest alongside Inland Rail, what those investments might look like and growth forecasts for different regions
  • international case studies and the way business hubs form around transport
  • some of the challenges and enablers for investment.

Read more about the long-term opportunities as well as how conversations with regions helped us see the potential for regional Australia.

A technical report providing a detailed summary of the approach, research methodology and supporting analysis for this study is also available.