Project Facilitator

The Australian Government is committed to maximising the employment and procurement benefits for regional businesses and individuals during the construction of Inland Rail.

The department is working across governments and with the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) and their construction contractor, INLink, to maximise Inland Rail’s local, including Indigenous, employment and supply chain outcomes.

A pilot has been established for the Parkes to Narromine project, which is the first project to commence construction.

This involves collaboration between the Australian Government and NSW Government, ARTC and INLink to support local and Indigenous employment and procurement opportunities.

Project Facilitator  

The department has employed a Project Facilitator to work on the ground as part of the Inland Rail Community Hub established by ARTC in Parkes.

The Project Facilitator will work with local communities, including Indigenous, to facilitate local employment and provide assistance to local businesses in accessing supply chain opportunities.

The Australian Government and State Governments provide a range of services and supports to help maximise local employment.

The Project Facilitator will:

  • package government training and employment programs and services
  • coordinate pre-employment programs to train and upskill jobseekers
  • provide a tailored service to construction contractors and suppliers and streamline the recruitment process.