Are you ready for Inland Rail?

Are you ready for Inland Rail? RAI Tool

Regional Australia Institute (RAI) has been commissioned to help communities along the route make the most of Inland Rail.

The ‘Are you Ready for Inland Rail?’ tool will help regional communities better understand their economic strengths and potential areas of growth based on new opportunities brought by Inland Rail.

The tool will support communities by highlighting the critical issues that regional communities need to examine to best prepare and take advantage of the long term benefits of the railway and will be critical to getting the most out of construction and operation of Inland Rail.

Long term regional benefits of Inland Rail will be most effectively led by regional communities, and the Australian Government is investing in this tool to help regional communities to help themselves.

RAI has a significant track record in developing strategic regional planning tools to help regions across Australia maximise their growth and development.

Inland Rail traverses three states and within those states, regions have different economic characteristics, populations, demographics, labour force and freight requirements. Regardless of the size or resource constraints of regional communities, the tool will be flexible enough to support all of the differing needs.

The ‘Are You Ready for Inland Rail’ strategic planning tool is being further refined via a trial application and will be rolled out to communities along the Inland Rail line in a staged approach.