Our communication with you

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications is continuously looking to improve our engagement with community and stakeholders to better inform you of the opportunities and impacts of Inland Rail.

There are a range of initiatives underway to make sure you have the information you need to engage with, plan for and maximise the benefits of Inland Rail. Our commitment is to provide communities and individuals with the information they need, in the manner that best suits them, using language that is clear, considered and respectful.

Improving our digital channels

The Department manages programs and delivers evidence based studies that can help regional communities and industry to maximise their connections to Inland Rail and the opportunities it provides for long term growth.

Our website is our primary online channel to communicate about these programs and connect people with the information that will help you plan for the operation of Inland Rail. In 2019 we took stock of how many users we currently reach and identified the improvement of the Australian Government Inland Rail website is a priority for us in 2020.

We asked users to help us improve the site and have developed a new website structure that we are testing with people now.

Read more about our website improvement project.

Working with you on the ground through our Regional Delivery Team

We have Regional Liaison Officers on the ground in Moree, Dubbo, Toowoomba and Wodonga to provide a local point of contact for community, industry and local government to speak directly with the Australian Government about Inland Rail.

Applying a social licence approach

We want to better understand local concerns about Inland Rail and engage communities in a respectful dialog on how to address these. To help us maintain effective communication with regional communities we have developed a Social License Strategy and are working through the detail on how to implement social licence approaches with the Australian Rail Track Corporation.

Community research

Our communication on Inland Rail is informed by industry best practice and evidence. In 2018 we undertook research to identify the current understanding of Inland Rail among our varied stakeholders and to determine preferences for how you like to receive information.

This research has informed our strategic communication approach and we continue to implement initiatives highlighted by community and industry in that initial research.