Stepping towards construction in Queensland with the Northern Civil Works Program joint venture

Tuesday 07 September 2021

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) has entered into a collaborative framework agreement with BHQ joint venture (BHQ JV) for the detailed design and civil works planning for construction of Inland Rail between Whetstone and Gowrie.

The agreement for the Northern Civil Works Program was announced by ARTC Interim CEO on 3 September 2021. The program will support hundreds of jobs in Queensland, transforming the way freight is moved across Australia. This is an extensive program of civil works with more than 160kms of rail corridor within the Border to Gowrie section of Inland Rail. It includes approximately 11 kilometres of bridges, 900 concrete culvert cells and will involve the operation of over 200 pieces of machinery.

A large local workforce of approximately 950 workers is needed at the peak of construction. BHQ JV will be seeking partnerships with business such as transport operators, fencing, quarries, earthworks and electrical companies. ARTC encourages businesses to offer their services and be part of this history making venture.

Three proudly-owned Queensland businesses, Bielby, JF Hull and QH&M Birt have been selected by ARTC as their design and construction partners. These companies share a 40-year history of working together to deliver exceptional outcomes for their communities, this will be no exception. It’s yet another example of the Australian Government keeping people engaged and employed to develop major infrastructure.

Progressing the Northern Civil Works Program will mean subcontracted work for hundreds of Aussie-owned and operated businesses. This adds to the more than 630 businesses in Queensland who have already benefited from over $1.5 billion spent to date on Inland Rail in the state.

BHQ will work with local business, community groups and Indigenous residents to maximise opportunities for participation in the Inland Rail project. This is a significant win for local industry on a once-in-a-generation project. It unlocks continued investment in jobs, technology and local manufacturing capability by Queensland companies.