Investment to enhance connectivity to Inland Rail in Northern NSW

Monday 11 January 2021

The Australian Government has committed over $44 million to enhance rail connection between the Hunter Valley Coal network to Inland Rail.

The investment will enable the Australian Rail Track Corporation to upgrade 35km of track between Narrabri and Turrawan in Northern NSW. This work will increase capacity on the line and provide better access between the Inland Rail line and the Newcastle and Sydney Ports.

The upgrade of the track will see the replacement of existing steel and timber sleepers with heavy-duty concrete sleepers to allow longer trains with capability of 25 Tonne Axle Load (TAL) at 80 km/h to use the Narrabri to Turrawan rail line and improve connection with Inland Rail at Narrabri.

Other work associated with this investment will see level crossings upgraded and improvements to the rail quality, which means smoother and faster transportation of goods for farmers and industries accessing supply chains in the region.

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