Inland Rail a boost for regional economies

Monday 06 July 2020

New research on the long-term investment opportunities and economic uplift from Inland Rail is a valuable resource for communities, industries and governments so they can plan ahead to realise its benefits.

A close look at 103 local government areas across the states of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria has identified specific investment opportunities, sustained jobs and a continuing increase to gross regional product as businesses establish and expand alongside Inland Rail.

This eight-month economic study with its four regional intelligence reports and detailed technical explainer has gathered data, planning information, local knowledge and similar stories of growth into one place for communities affected by Inland Rail.

The regions included in this economic study fit within a corridor which is approximately 50km east and 100km west of Inland Rail. Their inclusion was deliberate to mark a clear area for the modelling in the study, but it does not rule out investments sparked by Inland Rail in areas further afield.

As just two examples, country lines in the Hunter Valley are being upgraded for easier movement of commodities such as grain onto this transport network, while Whyalla in South Australia is supplying steel for construction.

This research was commissioned by the Department to give Inland Rail regions and their champions data and evidence they need to make a case for regional investment.

To view the reports, visit our summary pages for: