Connecting with industry at MegaTRANS Conference

Friday 30 September 2022

The August MegaTRANS 2022 conference attracted hundreds of attendees from the freight, transport and logistics sector, providing a great opportunity for the department to talk about our work to build resilience in the national supply chain.

Australia’s freight network currently delivers around 4 billion tonnes of freight each year making it the lifeblood of our economy and way of life.

In recent years the freight network has been tested with our growing population and significant environmental events like floods, fires and the pandemic that have disrupted supply chains –  seeing shortages of goods and empty shelves across Australia.

A panel session on 'Australia's supply chain resilience' addressed what government is doing to ensure resilience. Three key areas identified were; leading national action on supply chains through the National Freight and Supply Chain Strategy and the National Action Plan; investment projects including Inland Rail; and enhancing data and evidence through projects such as the Inland Rail CSIRO Supply Chain Mapping Project and the National Freight Data Hub. 

The department’s National Freight Data Hub offers a way for governments, freight operators and customers to better understand how and where freight is being transported which can improve the efficiency, safety, productivity and resilience of the freight sector.

As one of the first face-to-face conferences following the pandemic, MegaTRANS was a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to connect with a range of industries including technology and transport systems and productivity specialists.