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Local and Small Business

Inland Rail is supporting local jobs and opportunities for businesses and communities along the 1,700km alignment.

Local businesses

Local businesses are already getting involved during the construction of Inland Rail on the Parkes to Narromine project where construction commenced on 13 December 2018.

If you are interested in the opportunities available in your region visit TenderLink where the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) advertises tenders, expressions of interest and other opportunities.

ARTC has also partnered with Industry Capability Network (ICN) to help match suppliers to Inland Rail projects. Interested businesses should register with ICN.

“For local businesses to have the opportunity to participate in projects like the Inland Rail means that money is being kept locally. Money invested in regional communities supports things like the local bakery…the local dress shop… the motorbike shop and it’s also a wonderful opportunity. We have some incredible indigenous businesses within our Shire and Inland Rail brings the skills to all people within our Shire and gives them an opportunity.”
Anna Wyllie, Economic Business Development Manager, Parkes Shire Council

Local jobs

Rail projects support a range of jobs during construction such as earthmoving plant operators, designers, engineers, schedulers, railway track workers, and labourers.

“If we add 10 jobs…. just through the construction part of Inland Rail, we actually get 27 jobs as a result. That’s because it multiplies out. And it increases our output by twice that amount. When we look at the value adding that those new jobs bring, it’s nearly three times. That’s just construction.”
Susan Benedyka, Hume Regional Development Association

In December 2018, ARTC launched its Indigenous Participation Plan. The Plan outlines how ARTC will maximise Indigenous employment during construction and operation of Inland Rail, and in maximising the participation of Indigenous businesses in the freight supply chain.

Indigenous and local employment and procurement targets have been agreed in the construction contract between ARTC and INLink, for the delivery of the Parkes to Narromine project.

Inland Rail is driving local and community benefits

Parkes to Narromine project:

  • Construction commenced in Parkes on 13 December 2018 and local businesses are benefiting.
  • By April 2019 over $1.7 million had been spent with local businesses.
  • ARTC supported the Narromine Local Aboriginal Land Council with $6,500 for resources to teach 100 local kids how to swim.
  • By April 2019 more than 470 people had been employed on the Parkes to Narromine project including 240 locals of which 52 were indigenous.

You can view local employment outcomes for the Parkes to Narromine section between January and March 2019 on the ARTC website.

ARTC is working with local communities and businesses to deliver Inland Rail and deliver economic benefits to regional Australia. More than $300 million will be spent in Parkes, boosting spending at the local shops and supporting increased activity at the local school or café or businesses such as the local auto electrician.