CSIRO Supply Chain Mapping

CSIRO phase infographic

To better understand the supply chain impacts and benefits of Inland Rail, the Department partnered with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) to map supply chains and model the transport cost savings available to businesses using Inland Rail.

Following the pilot study completed in March 2019, which found significant cost savings were possible, CSIRO scientists are testing the same potential for more than 100 commodities across the Inland Rail alignment.

CSIRO TraNSIT modelling

The CSIRO are using their Transport Network Strategic Investment Tool (TraNSIT) to analyse existing regional freight supply chains and identify efficiencies from Inland Rail. TraNSIT has previously been used to test the benefits of road upgrades and calculate transport benefits for industry and various levels of government.

TraNSIT provides an evidence base for industries to maximise transport cost savings and uses a ground up approach which optimises transport routes between enterprises and their markets. This approach is a key consideration in Australia which is characterised by long supply chains with large distances between production, processing and markets.

Get your supply chain counted

An independent CSIRO team are gathering detailed data from governments, farmers, industries, customers and other producers as inputs to this modelling.
Please contact us if you would like to contribute to the CSIRO’s understanding of your product and supply chain.