Port of Brisbane

The Port of Brisbane plays a significant role in the movement of current and forecast freight demand across Queensland, accounting for more than 50% of Queensland’s international trade.

Inland Rail will link to the Brisbane Port from the day it opens via existing rail lines. The Australian and Queensland Governments are canvassing options on how best to improve the connection between the port and Inland Rail over the long term.

In late 2019, the Prime Minister announced the Australian Government would provide $20 million for planning a Port of Brisbane connection with funding to flow from 2020-21 as part of a broader commitment to the Queensland economy. The Queensland Government will provide an in-kind matching contribution.

This further planning will refine previous demand analysis and corridor options for a dedicated rail freight path to the Port of Brisbane.

The work builds on a jointly-funded $1.5 million study which is:

  • assessing demand and existing infrastructure capacity
  • looking at the feasibility of a range of immediate and long-term options for improved rail freight connections to the Port
  • sought the views of key stakeholders such as the Port of Brisbane, Brisbane City Council, Cross River Rail Delivery Authority, Queensland Rail and the Australian Rail Track Corporation.

This work complements the Government’s investment in market access to Brisbane including the business case for a proposed intermodal terminal capable of supporting Inland Rail.