Northern New South Wales region

Food processing, grain milling, logistics and warehousing are some of the opportunities for investment from Goondiwindi to below Narromine over the next 10, 30 and 50 years with Inland Rail.

An enduring boost for Northern New South Wales

The Northern New South Wales Regional Intelligence report found Inland Rail can support another 310 full-time jobs by the 10th year of operation.

The boost to gross regional product in that 10th year of operation is estimated to be up to $160 million.

Those benefits will endure with modelling providing a snapshot of how employment and gross regional product can grow in the 30th and 50th year of Inland Rail’s operations.


A graphic with four columns with text that reads the short, medium and long term growth opportunities identified in the web content

With investment and jobs, comes a cumulative boost to gross regional product over 50 years that is worth up to $1.7 billion for the 16 local government areas of Northern New South Wales. This builds on the benefits identified in the 2015 business case.

Northern New South Wales investment opportunities

With the help of local and international case studies for growth, Australian data and planning, and local knowledge, the study identified specific investment opportunities including:

  • Increased meat processing capacity and an intermodal freight hub in the Dubbo and Narromine area over the short-term (0-10 years)
  • Grain milling and processing for domestic consumption as well as a mining support hub for inbound supply and outbound exports over the medium-term (10-30 years)
  • Expanded logistics for agricultural produce and supply, warehousing for consumer goods in Moree/Narrabri and expanded grain milling over the long-term (30-50 years)

The Northern New South Wales study area

The Northern New South Wales study region includes 16 local government areas which fall 50km east and 100km west of the Inland Rail line including Coonamble, Inverell, Tamworth and Warren. 

With a population of 214,000 and regional centres such as Dubbo and Moree, the area contributes $11.5 billion in gross value added to the New South Wales economy.

Approximately 99 million tonnes of road freight is transported to and from this region every year.

Agriculture, construction and mining generate a lot of the freight in the area and have also grown significantly since 2015, making them a potential source of demand for Inland Rail.

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