Benefits In Your Community

Inland Rail is generating benefits at a national, state, regional and local level. Inland Rail will improve supply chains, supports communities and boosts economies all along the 1,700km alignment.  

Find out about Inland Rail in each state

Detailed information is available for Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria

State pages have information on:

  • Economic benefits such as jobs, investment and value to the economy.
  • Business case studies and benefits such as trucks off local roads.
  • The sections of Inland Rail that fall within state borders.
  • A summary of where projects are up to and how to find out more.
  • Regional characteristics and freight statistics.
  • Joint agreements and initiatives with state governments.
  • The potential for short, medium and long term investment and jobs.

Meet our regional team

Inland Rail Regional Liaison Officers serve as the point of contact for the project in the regions.  Staff in regional offices are a source of information for the communities they are based in and are able to develop ongoing relationships with a large and diverse range of stakeholders, providing a way for local people to talk to the Australian Government face-to-face about the opportunities and potential benefits of Inland Rail.

As local people with a regional office, each look after sections of Inland Rail’s alignment. 

Find out more at about the:

  • Wodonga office for the sections between Melbourne and Stockinbingal.
  • Dubbo office for the sections between Stockinbingal and Narrabri.
  • Moree office for the sections between Narrabri and the NSW/Queensland border.
  • Toowoomba office for the sections between the NSW/Queensland border and Brisbane.