Inland Rail is being delivered by the Australian Government through the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), in partnership with the private sector. The government is investing more than $9 billion to ARTC to deliver this project in recognition of the nation building and game changing effects it will have on the whole nation.

Construction commenced on the Parkes to Narromine project on 13 December 2018.

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development

The department is leading a whole of government approach to identify opportunities for Inland Rail to support industry and local communities during construction and operation. The department is working closely with ARTC, other government departments, state and local governments and industry.

Public Private Partnership

Building on the equity investment, the government will use an innovative Public Private Partnership (PPP) funding arrangement to deliver the funding required to complete the project.

This funding approach will enable the Government to leverage private sector expertise in the design, finance, build and maintenance of the most technically complex section–Toowoomba to Kagaru (Brisbane)–which includes the construction of approximately 8.9 kilometres of tunnels through the Toowoomba Range.

The funding approach was subject to extensive market testing and will manage risk and drive value for taxpayers in delivering this nationally significant project.

Opportunities to participate in the delivery of Inland Rail will be communicated through an open approach to market. For construction-related procurement activities visit ARTC’s website

State Government

Inland Rail will be planned and constructed in accordance with the environment and planning laws of each state. The Australian Government is working closely with state governments.

The Australian Government signed Bilateral Agreements in relation to Inland Rail with the Victorian Government on 16 March 2018, the New South Wales Government on 4 May 2018 and the Queensland Government on 29 November 2019. These agreements pave the way for Inland Rail, as well as the jobs and benefits it brings, to be realised through Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Australian Rail Track Corporation

ARTC has divided the proposed route into 13 projects across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland for design and construction purposes. Inland Rail will take advantage of existing rail corridor, upgrading it to Inland Rail’s higher standard where required, and will involve the construction of around 500km of new track.

For more information on ARTC and the construction of Inland Rail visit


Community input is important to the success of Inland Rail and ARTC is working closely with local communities to make sure their views are heard.

The department is working with regions and communities to undertake further research on the benefits that can be realised and enable regions to make the most of this project. Find out more about the Regional Liaison Officers.